Free Nulled Live Composer Download WordPress plugin v1.2.0.1

Live Composer v1.2.2 is a front-end WordPress page builder plugin with 30+ modules ( and more to come ) packed with functionality and styling options that allow countless variations to be made easily and without any coding.

1.2.2 ( May 27th, 2015 )

= Improvements =

– Thumbnail Module – Now available for pages as well
– Colorpicker options will now display the last 12 colors you used, making it easier to reuse colors ( so you don’t have to copy/paste color codes )
– Comment Form – Option to change the text strings ( “Leave Comment”, “Name”, “Email”… ). By default they’re empty and fall back to localized text strings, for backwards compatibility.
– Content Module – H1 font size and line height options for tablet and phones
– Navigation Module – Align and margin top options added for tablet and phone.
– Social Module – Margin top option added
– For Devs: “dslc_content_width” filter added to change the LC’s content width. When filtering return a full CSS value ( like 1200px ), not just a number.
– For Devs: “dslc_row_class” filter added to define additional classes for the rows ( .dslc-modules-section ). Example usage:
– For Devs: The “Post Options Framework” now has a “date” option type available.

= Bugs =

– Issue with row overlay not being displayed when “BG IMAGE – USE FEATURED” is enabled.
– Issue with text changes not saving due to module settings not yet being loaded when clicking confirm ( when doing it fast ). Now when clicking “Edit Content” to edit text, the “confirm” and “cancel” actions will be disabled until module settings are loaded.
– Issue with author queries displaying only 1 post
– Issue with the responsive preview ( when editing responsive options on a module ) not going back to regular view when confirming changes while responsive tab is active
– Issue with broken carousel layout on phones
– Social Module – Issue with the height of the container being taller than the icons inside
– Issue with an invalid Google Fonts call when none of the modules on a page use a Google font

More versions

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